25 Most Common VAR Legal Hotline Questions & Answers

In October 2016, VAR updated the Top 25 Legal Hotline Q&A brochure. This refreshed content includes changes to the law that have taken place over the past three years and highlights the 25 most frequent asked questions and answer from VAR’s Legal Hotline.

Topics in the brochure include: Advertising, Agency, Commission, Disclosure, Earnest Money Deposit, Liability Protection, License Law, Property Management, Property Owners Association Act and Document Retention.

Download VAR’s Top 25 Legal Hotline Q&A Brochure

About the VAR Legal Hotline

The VAR Legal Hotline is a member benefit for Principal Brokers and one designated staff person from that broker’s office. For example, an associate broker or office manager may register as designees of the principal broker.

Before calling the Legal Hotline, you must have completed an application.

When you call, please have your NRDS number ready, and put it on any e-mailed questions. Calls and e-mails will be handled by VAR staff counsel.

Contact the VAR Legal Hotline!
By phone: (804) 622-7955
By e-mail: hotline@varealtor.com
Hours: Monday – Friday (except holidays) 10 AM – 4 PM
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