Government Affairs and DARPAC

Legislative success starts with the Dulles Area REALTORS® Political Action Committee (DARPAC) which helps elect candidates for local and state offices representing Loudoun County who will protect homeownership and the interests of the real estate profession.

DAAR’s Government Affairs program advocates key REALTOR® issues on behalf of our members and serves as a watchdog to ensure that regulations or laws are not enacted that impair or penalize REALTORS® and property owners. For a list of our legislative priorities, click here.

Together DARPAC and DAAR’s Government Affairs program works to:

#1: Help REALTORS® successfully fight off attacks on our livelihood and burdensome regulations.

-Prevented further theft of your open house and directional signs by supporting the disbandment of Loudoun County’s volunteer sign collection group.

-Stopped legislation from moving forward that would have created daily fines of $200 for any sign in any public right of way.

-Defeated a proposal requiring agents to place an onerous “warning-style” disclosure on homes within the Limestone Overlay District on all marketing materials related to the sale of that home.

-Added flood risk to the list of “buyer-beware” items in the Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Statement.  This removed liability while also providing potential buyers concerned about flood insurance a resource for identifying a property’s risk.

#2 Protect homeownership and ability for your clients to sell and purchase a home

-Continue to protect the mortgage interest deduction and access to affordable mortgage products.

-Negotiated a lower increase in the northern Virginia home seller’s tax to fund transportation projects ($0.50 to $0.25 per $100 of value)

-Established first time homebuyer savings accounts that accrue tax-free state income to be used for saving funds for the first purchase of a home.

-Advocated for maintenance requirements on alternative septic systems in lieu of a property stigmatizing ban on these systems.

-Helped to defeat a budget amendment that would have increased the deductible that property owners, pay to have their leaking underground oil tanks cleaned up and repaired by 500%. The current $500 deductible was proposed to go up to $2,500.

#3 Improve the quality of life in Loudoun County

-Advocated for the incorporation of different housing types that are affordable to the workforce into mixed use centers around the future Metrorail stations.

-Convinced Loudoun County to formally assess affordable housing needs for future growth.

-Supported a cost of housing study that is helping to raise awareness about the true value of residential real estate to localities.

-Continue to fight rising tolls on the Dulles Greenway and support of legislation that would bring relief to residents traveling the most expensive per-mile road in the country.

-Supported increased funding for much-need transportation projects for congestion relief.

#4 Educate and elect policy-makers (regardless of political party) who support REALTOR® issues.

-DAAR’s Government Affairs Committee meets monthly with local and state lawmakers to discuss and raise awareness on issues of concern to the real estate profession.

-DAAR REALTOR® Leaders participate in committee and commission meetings with key local lawmakers as well as REALTOR® Day on the Hill in Richmond and Washington, D.C.

-DARPAC ensures that we have strong and informed candidates who support our issues. Twenty-three candidates for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Clerk of the Circuit Court were interviewed by REALTOR® members.  Ten were selected for DARPAC support for the Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 election.

What Can You Do to Help?

-Leaders in the real estate industry understand how much we benefit from DARPAC, and know how much REALTORS® have to lose.

-Top agents and brokers will tell you that DARPAC is critical to the success of their business – they are stepping up with the elite in our industry by making major DARPAC investments – $5000, $2500, $1000.

-Please join the leaders in our industry by investing – $25, $50, $100 or $1000 in DARPAC today. Invest on-line or by  faxing in this form to 703/771-9787 or on-line today!

-Join DAAR’s Government Affairs Committee and get involved in shaping the policies and discussion with key area lawmakers.

DARPAC depends on you!

Members talk to Governor McAuliffe at DAAR.

Members discuss issues with Governor McAuliffe at DAAR.

Members meet with Delegate Randy Minchew from Loudoun County.

Members meet with Delegate Randy Minchew from Loudoun County.

Members travel to D.C. to rally for homeownership!

Members travel to D.C. to rally for homeownership!