International Forum Agenda



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9:30 – 10:00AM

Welcome and Introductions


Understanding the Cultural aspects of  Central America
Learn the languages used, history, culture and correct etiquette for Central America clients.  Trends focus on the profile and volume of the international clients who purchased U.S. residential property from Central America in our region and others are:

  • How do you greet?
  • Who in the family makes the decisions?
  • What is an appropriate gift to give one from Central America?
  • What is the appropriate way to get referrals in Central America?

Scott Shelton, Lender
Academy Mortgage

Exploring Financial Considerations
Comparison of how real estate is sold and marketed in Central America versus the United States, typical financing requirements and purchasing approaches for international buyers.  Description of types of required VISA’s to purchase in the United States; with benefit to the buyer, and more knowledgeable to the real estate community.

11:05AM  BREAK

Keith Barrett, Esq.
VESTA Settlements

Working With Foreign Buyers and Sellers
Working with international clients presents challenges not necessarily encountered on a typical deal.  There are the obvious:

  • Logistical challenges
  • Potential legal considerations
  • Lending/financial hurdles

Join us for an important class that will highlight the ins and outs of FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act), financing and the logistical and cultural issues that you may encounter.  You will leave this class with a better understanding of FIRPTA background, withholding requirements, withholding certificates and the associated contract/closing documents as well as key logistical and lending items to consider when working with foreign buyers or sellers.