MRIS Bright MLS Subscription Fee Reduction Ahead

In a time of rapid change within the real estate industry, the last year, and especially the last six months, have also been a time of change and growth for everyone at MRIS a Bright MLS, including you. While members in our region are not not yet on the Bright MLS system (members still use the MRIS a Bright MLS system), Bright MLS has become part of our day-to-day work. They understand that has come with some challenges. They have made improvements to the current system performance after many weeks of performance that was below expectations. They are listening to your suggestions on how to ensure critical information and capabilities you rely on are in the Bright MLS system before you start using it.

Their vision is to give you a simpler MLS, continuous innovation, and unlimited insight into our local market.

Members starting to see some of these benefits with information from new markets areas now available. Members can now search, view and share listing information from Central Pennsylvania and the DelMar Peninsula from within the MRIS a Bright MLS system. With this addition, you now have access to the entire state of Maryland!

Regardless of where you work within the market, this expanded information makes it easier for you to access information about sales outside of your general area that may affect your current sale. For example, you have a buyer who is buying a house in D.C. The seller in D.C. is relocating and can only sell if they are able to purchase a new home in Rehoboth, DE. As you can see, this domino effect can cross regions and even state lines. The more information you know about all of the affected sales the better you’re able to serve your local clients.

You also recently gained access to Remine. This innovative tool provides deep insight into property ownership including analysis of when an owner is likely to sell, helping you spend more time prospecting the right clients at the right time. Learn more.

Even with added information and features, there will be a further reduction in the cost of member’s quarterly MLS subscription. Beginning with renewals on or after July 1, here’s what’s changing:

  • Fees for subscribers affiliated with a REALTOR stakeholder association (i.e. Dulles Area Association of REALTORS) will decrease $2/month to $39/month. That means your new quarterly bill will be $117.
  • Fees for subscribers not affiliated with a stakeholder association will decrease to $63/month. That means your new quarterly bill will be $189.
  • Fees for personal assistants/office administrators will decrease $2/month to $39/month. That means your new quarterly bill will be $117.

Fee reductions are one benefit of a larger, unified MLS. Our scale allows us to transition all subscribers affiliated with REALTOR stakeholder associations to a standard rate of $35 per month ($105/quarter) in 2019.

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