All Hands on Tech! – 5/3

 Technology Conference
9am – 4pm

9:00 MRIS Overview and Update
Kim Mingo, Client Experience Representative

This class will cover the core products and features of MRIS and will take you through how they can integrate into an agent’s work cycle.

10:15 BREAK

10:25 Online Presence & Productivity with Placester
Blake Showalter, Director, Marketing & Operations

As a REALTOR, you’ve heard time and time again about the importance of your online presence and its necessity in building your business and client base. However, in the past that required multiple platforms – that is, until Placester. Join Blake Showalter as she educates you on the simple, yet powerful marketing platform Placester has to offer. Placester gives you everything you need to build your online presence, manage relationships, and grow your real estate business online, all in one convenient platform that’s simple to use. During this class we will cover:

  • the elements of a Placester website and CRM
  • the simplicity of site set-up
  • the convenience of a compatible CRM

11:25 BREAK

11:35 Apps to Achieve!
John Showalter, Business Development Associate

Do you want to be more productive in your business?  Then you don’t want to miss this session where we reveal a selection of popular apps you can utilize.

12:35 LUNCH

1:05 Next Level Social Media
D. Scott Lee, MBH Group       

Scott will be discussing the various Social Networking options available to REALTORS® in this market.  What works, when it works, how to make yourself standout, and incorporating the most important element in social media, video.  Next level is an interactive class that will give you the ground work to make 2018 a great year.

2:05 BREAK

2:15 Smart Homes
John Showalter, Business Development Associate

Smart homes are on the rise as many homeowners’ embrace the convenience, comfort, safety, and energy-savings this technology can provide. Find out how to identify smart home devices, understand and explain their value, and promote and sell homes that include them.

Lunch will be provided.  Thank you to our Sponsors:

Fairway Mortgage
VESTA Settlements
Toll Brothers