SentriLock® Key and Lockbox Services

The Dulles Area Association of REALTORS® offers SentriLock® key and lockbox services.  In addition to the Top 10 Things to Know about the SentriLock System, the following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the key services offered:

What is the cost of the SentriLock key card?

The cost of the SentriCard® for REALTORS® is $137.80  (including tax) + $50 one-time activation fee.   Please note that SentriCard® charges are due annually. The annual lease fee, prorated quarterly, is due at the time of issuance. Pro-rated fees are as follows: January-March $137.80; April-June  $103.35; July-September $68.90; October-December $34.45 .  SentriCards® are leased, not owned, and must be returned upon termination of membership.    Click here for a copy of the Lockbox Regional Rules and Regulations for REALTOR.

The cost of the SentriCard® for Affiliates is $159 (including tax) + $50 one-time activation fee. Please note that SentriCard® charges are due annually. The annual lease fee, prorated quarterly, is due at the time of issuance. Pro-rated fees are as follows: January-March $159;  April-June $119.25; July-September $79.50; October-December $39.75. SentriCards® are leased, not owned, and must be returned upon termination of membership.  Click here for a copy of the Regional Lockbox Rules and Regulations for Affiliates and Personal Assistants.

What is the cost of the key reader?

Key Readers are $25 + Tax ($26.50).  You will own the reader after purchase. Please note that card readers are not covered by your SentriLock warranty if deemed defective by Sentrilock.

What is the cost of the SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox?

Lockboxes are $110.95 + Tax ($117.61)

How do I purchase a SentriLock® key, lockbox or reader from DAAR?

For more information or to set up an appointment to purchase any component of the SentriLock® key system, contact Beth Fischel, Membership Services Manager,, 571/291-9801.

I lost my key.  How do I obtain a replacement key?

If you lose your key, you can obtain a new SentriCard® by contacting Beth Fischel, Membership Services Manager,, 571/291-9801.  The cost for replacement is $25.

What is the charge for key reinstatement?

If your key is turned off for failure to pay dues, license being returned to DPOR without notification of a change to DAAR or violation of the Lockbox Regional Rules and Regulations, Subscriber Agreement or Code of Ethics there will be a $25 reinstatement fee after all issues are resolved.

As a DAAR REALTOR® member, how do I provide a CBS code to a DAAR Affiliate wishing to access my lock box?

You can assign one CBS code for all your boxes and keep that code handy to provide to a DAAR Affiliate seeking access to your lock box.  To obtain the code:

  1. Log on to the website using your UserName and Password
  2. Click on ‘Default Lockbox settings’ on the left hand side
  3. Your CBS code will be displayed under “Call Before Showing” settings.
  4. Give this code to any affiliate you would like to have access to your lockboxes.
  5. This code does not change, but can be changed.  Please call Sentrilock Support for more details.

As a DAAR Affiliate SentriLock® key holder, how do I access Sentrilock® Lock Boxes with a CBS code?

  1. Insert your SentriCard into the lockbox with the gold chip facing up
  2. Wait for the lockbox to light up, display card, then code
  3. Insert your 4 digit PIN then press enter
  4. Once you receive the green ready light, pull your SentriCard out of the lockbox
  5. The lockbox will now ask for the owner’s CBS code by displaying the “code” light
  6. Enter the CBS code followed by “enter” key (which was obtained from the lockbox owner)
  7. The lockbox’s key vault will open.  
  8. I am experiencing issues with my Sentrilock® card key, lockbox or reader.  Who do I contact?

Contact Sentrilock® support  by website  or 1-877-SENTRILOCK (736-8745)

I am experiencing issues with my Sentrilock card key on the weekend and cannot enter a listing.  What do I do?

We have observed that the vast majority of key issues or defective keys occur on the weekends when the DAAR office is closed.  For that reason, DAAR has authorized SentriLock® Support to issue Emergency One Day Codes to DAAR members in good standing with active SentriCards.  In the event your key should not work on a weekend, you should contact SentriLock® support, 1-877-SENTRILOCK (736-8745), provide them with the serial number of your SentriCard, and the serial number of the Lockbox you are trying to access and they will provide you with an Emergency Once Day Code for that box. This is not a substitute for your card and is only to be used in an emergency situation.  This will however avoid that awkward moment when you are with your client and your key fails.  You will still be able to show the property.

How do I know if the batteries are running low in my lockbox?
If the lockbox has been accessed by another agent or you and the batteries were low, the SentriLock® system will send you an email notification that the battery is low.  If the lockbox is not accessed during the low battery period, a notification is not sent. If a lockbox sits idle for a period of time, we recommend that you check the box for low battery.

What happens if my SentriLock batteries die?

As you may know, SentriLock sends you an email/text message if your lockbox(es) are in a low battery state. Please note that these notifications are only generated per Lockbox access via an updated Sentricard.  If no one is showing your listing or if the box is sitting in your office or car you will not receive a low battery message.  For that reason, you may want to check your battery level often especially during the cold weather months when battery levels tend to deplete.

If your lockbox batteries die, you will have to come to the DAAR office for assistance.  Staff will provide you with a power paddle that will boost the batteries in the lockbox long enough to use your key to open the lockbox to replace the new batteries. Dead battery service is only available when the DAAR office is open, and you will need a credit card as a security deposit for the power paddle.

To avoid having to utilize dead battery service, DAAR is pleased to offer Lockbox batteries $7.50 a pair (plus tax) in our REALTOR® Store.  Each Lockbox requires two batteries.   For instructions on how to replace batteries click here.

Can I purchase batteries for my lockbox from other distributors?

You can purchase batteries that fit the lockbox from suppliers other than SentriLock and the Association, but you run the risk of voiding the warranty on the box if an electrical problem results.  SentriLock encourages you to purchase Association batteries which we distribute on behalf of SentriLock in order to maintain your lockbox warranty.

How do I obtain feedback about my listings through SentriLock?

SentriLock offers a way for you to obtain feedback about your listings.  SurveyMagik integration for Showing Feedback allows a listing agent to set up custom surveys for their listings.  After a new survey has been created, REALTORS® showing a property using their SentriCard® or SentriSmart App will receive a Showing Feedback email to take a survey about the listing.

Review the Showing Feedback Getting Started Manual to begin using this service.

I am looking for additional training resources on SentriLock®.  How do I find that information?

SentriLock® offers  a comprehensive searchable system guide for agents as well as a a series of training and tutorial videos covering every aspect of the system.