VA Legislative Session Comes to an End – Almost

Last week the Virginia General Assembly adjourned for the year. Almost all of the bills advanced by the Virginia REALTORS® this year passed both chambers and were approved by the Governor. Topics include defining Teams, document translations, earnest money deposits, broker education, post-licensing curriculum, civil violations for non-licensed activities, POA/COA summary information, and restrictions to the City of Lexington’s ordinance on Short-term Rentals. Click here to read more about the 2018 Virginia REALTORS® Legislative agenda.

Two remaining items must be addressed by the General Assembly. The first is the biennial budget. Legislators were unable to pass a final budget and will return on April 11 complete work on this important bill. The second uncompleted issue is funding for Metro. A “Reconvene Session” will take place on April 18. Click here to read more about the Metro legislation.