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I have been a REALTOR® and a member of DAAR since 2014.


  • I have been an original homeowner in Ashburn Village since 1993.
  • I started as an on-air meteorologist delivering radio weather forecasts in the northeast United States.
  • I spent 13 years in management consulting and digital marketing for the real estate industry.
  • I come from a large family of earth scientists. I met my wife of 43 years in Climatology class. Our oldest is an earth science teacher, just like her mom and her sister’s husband, and our son is an environmental geologist.
  • I previously served as an assistant coach for the varsity softball team at Rock Ridge High School where I helped my oldest daughter start the school’s softball program, as well as a past president of the Ashburn Girls Softball League. 

My Q3 2022 Letter to the DAAR Membership:

Dear DAAR Members,

As we enter July, it’s hard to believe my term as President is already halfway through. In my first six months, I’ve been amazed by what our Association and our members have been able to accomplish, but there’s still more to do, and I’m excited to see the ways we will all work together to continue driving DAAR forward.

Being a member of DAAR’s Board of Directors has been an enriching experience, and now is your chance to serve your Association in the same capacity. DAAR began its application process for the 2023 Board of Directors in June, seeking motivated, enthusiastic, diverse, and dependable individuals to fill six REALTOR® seats. You can apply through August 19, 2022, by submitting this form.

Last month, DAAR members also received invoices for 2022-2023 Local, State, and National REALTOR® membership dues. As you renew your membership, I want to highlight a few areas of focus for DAAR that reflect our Association’s commitment to its members.

Networking & Community Involvement
DAAR understands that as REALTORS®, relationships are at the heart of your businesses. Our Association is committed to providing members with connections to local, state and national partners and cultivating opportunities for network-building within Loudoun County and beyond. This commitment extends past business relationships, as we know REALTORS® are champions in their communities. Alongside our charitable partners, DAAR continues to work to make a positive impact by providing members with opportunities to impact the communities they serve.

Ensuring our REALTORS® and their clients are protected is a constant priority for the Association. DAAR works to advocate for crucial REALTOR® and property ownership issues by continually developing and fostering relationships with state and local officials while monitoring pertinent legislation. We have a firm grasp on the development of policies and discussions that could affect real estate and property rights, and we’ll continue to do our part to defend and strengthen the real estate industry.

The REALTOR® Difference
As REALTORS®, you’ve pledged to uphold the highest standards of practice and fairness by subscribing to the Code of Ethics. This promise of professionalism is what sets REALTORS® and agents apart, and DAAR works diligently to promote this difference and the REALTOR® brand to consumers in Loudoun County, in addition to the National Association of REALTORS® producing a robust consumer advertising campaign to elevate REALTOR® recognition on a national scale. Together we’ll continue to ensure that consumers recognize the difference between an agent and a REALTOR® is real.  

As a member of DAAR, you are part of a community of over 1,400 REALTORS® who share your dedication and commitment to our industry. 

Thank you for being a member of DAAR. 

As always, I encourage you to contact me with any questions or suggestions at


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Rich Blessing

2022 DAAR President


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