Loudoun County Offers Homeownership Grants for Employees

If you are working with a buyer who is an employee of Loudoun County Government, they may be eligible for the Loudoun County’s Public Employee Homeownership Grant Program (PEG).  The program offers a grant
of a secured loan to employees of the County of Loudoun, Loudoun County Public Schools and Courts
and Constitutional officers. Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS) oversees the program.

Loans are forgivable at 20% of the loan amount annually over a five year period, providing the employee does not leave employment, sell the home or no longer occupies the residence. Repayment of remaining non-forgiven funds will become due and payable to the County.  The PEG Grant amount is $10,000 for the purchase of a home located in Loudoun County for applicants that meet all eligibility requirements. Funds are limited and first come/first served. There is no guarantee additional funds will be allocated once fully utilized.

For more information click here or contact Beth Rosenberg, Loudoun County Department of Family Services, beth.rosenberg@loudoun.gov