New Features on the SentriSmart® app! Touch ID and Facial Recognition, Agent Safety

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We are excited to announce an update to the SentriSmart® app that is available NOW!.  The two new features are:

  1. Touch ID and Facial Recognition
  2. Agent Safety

Touch ID and Facial Recognition

Sample Screen Images Showing the ability to set up Facial Recognition

Android and iPhone users will now have the ability to set up Touch ID and Facial Recognition to quickly and easily access your most used functions. You are
able to use the new recognition feature in place of your PIN to help you be more efficient.

Agent Safety Feature

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You can also use the new touch ID with the agent safety feature.  When using SentriSmart®  to open a Lockbox, the Agent Safety Feature will launch. This
feature will automatically alert your designated emergency contacts when you do not or cannot confirm you are safe.

Once you’ve downloaded the newest version of our app,  opt in to activate this feature.  To manually turn on the agent safety feature, take the following steps:

Asa SentriSmart User, Agent Safety is a free feature included. To Enable and start using the Agent Safety Feature, Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the SentriSmart app.
  2. In the app, select the Settings Tab.
  3. Scroll Down to Agent Safety.
  4. Enter your 4 Digit PIN and select Agent Safety Settings
  5. Select “+” (next to Safety Notification Contacts) and select Yes to allow access to your contacts.
  6. Select at least one contact from the list
  7. Select Enable Automated Safety Check

To learn more about SentriLock’s mobile app features, click here.

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