DAAR Members Say Yes! for Housing that is Affordable and Attainable in Loudoun County

CALLING ALL DAAR MEMBERS! We need you to join with DAAR President Holly Weatherwax and stand up for the real estate industry in Loudoun County on November 7th! That evening, the Loudoun County Planning Commission has scheduled a Public Input Session on the draft Loudoun 2040 plan and DAAR wants to make sure they know that we say YES! for housing that is affordable and attainable in Loudoun County.

We know there is a lack of affordable and attainable housing and there are those who do not want much of it developed in our County. That is why the draft Loudoun 2040 plan is so important! It will guide the future growth and development in Loudoun County by setting in place policies on where and what type of development will occur between now and the year 2040. It is critical that the County includes plans for more housing that is affordable and attainable. DAAR needs you to become an Advocate in Action and say YES! for housing in Loudoun County to help address this critical situation.

To help us send the message of YES!, please join us on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 6:00pm at the Board Room of the County Government Center, located at 1 Harrison Street, SE in Leesburg, VA. Holly Weatherwax and Lars Henriksen will deliver the DAAR position and we want to pack the room with DAAR members. Come early to get your sticker and show the Planning Commission that we all say YES! for housing that is affordable and attainable in Loudoun County. If you are interested in speaking at this session, contact Brenda Morton, (703) 777-2468 or bmorton@dullesarea.com

With planning, Loudoun County can accommodate needed residential development AND retain the unique qualities in Loudoun County!