DAAR Members Speak for Housing that is Affordable and Attainable!

Photo Collage of Holly and Lars testifying at meeting.Several DAAR members attended the November 7th Loudoun County Planning Commission Public Hearing and urged the county to provide housing that is affordable and attainable in Loudoun County. The hearing was held so that Commissioners would hear the public’s views on the county’s draft Comprehensive Plan – Loudoun 2040. This plan will guide the future growth and development of our county.

Led by Holly Weatherwax, 2018 DAAR President, DAAR members expressed support for parts of the draft plan, such as the goals and strategies in the Housing Chapter that are designed to provide a diverse housing stock. “It is critical that Loudoun 2040 includes plans for needed housing that is affordable and attainable,” said Weatherwax. “As the Planning Commission reviews the draft Loudoun 2040, we hope the commitment to housing will be retained.”

DAAR also supports strategically-targeted residential development. “Because there is a dwindling amount of land available for development in the suburban areas of the county,” said Lars Henriksen, DAAR Past President and Representative to the Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders. “… development in the Transition Policy Area is critical to addressing the county’s need for affordable and attainable housing.”

Members also pointed out the inconsistencies in the plan, specifically the policies, strategies, and actions included in the Land Use and Implementation chapters. If implemented, these policies would hinder, if not prevent, implementation of those included in the Housing Chapter. Recommendations on ways in which the draft could be improved were also provided.

Commissioners plan to meet again in November and December to review public comments and finalize the draft plan. Staff’s goal is to have the Planning Commission recommendation presented to the Board in early 2019.

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