Top Bright Conversion Questions and Answers

Bright MLS created the following list of Frequently Asked Questions for both MRIS subscribers.  It’s updated on a regular basis here

General questions

Q: Will my Auto Emails convert?
A: Your Auto Emails will appear as Saved Searches in Bright until you review and manually convert them to Auto Emails. You can find them under Search>Saved Searches. Auto Emails that were converted will show “AE” in the name and Saved Searches will show with “SS” in the name. Click here for instructions and a video on how to turn your saved search into an auto email.

Q: I’m an administrative professional. Why can’t I create an Auto Email?
A: Administrative assistants who are unlicensed are not authorized to use that feature in our system. Only licensed agents are able to create Auto Emails.

Q: Will I have access to my MRIS or TREND account once I am converted?
A: No, once you are converted you will no longer have access to MRIS or TREND.

Q: How do I set my search page to default to the county I work in?
A: Add your county in the County Field and then click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of your search page. Then select “Set currently selected search criteria as my starting default.” Want more information? Watch this video to help you set the county and other default search criteria.

Q: What are all of the required fields in Bright?
A: You can find all of Bright’s required fields here.

Q: How do I register and/or cancel for training and/or view the classes I have registered for?
A: We offer a wide variety of ways to get trained on the Bright system:

If you’d like instructor-led training, click here to register. There are two conversion classes: Conversion to Bright: Search & More or Conversion to Bright: Add & Edit Listings. Click on the date, time and location you want. Pay special attention to location, as some are in person and some are online webinars. If you want to see what courses you may have already registered for, click “My Courses” to view. Select the down arrow next to the course and click “Withdraw” if you want to cancel.

Q: Where can I find short training videos?
A: Visit our NEW YouTube Channel. There, you can watch our complete Conversion to Bright series, and see dozens of short tutorials on a wide variety of topics.

Q: I have two licenses and two ID numbers, how do I switch between then?
A: Right now you have multiple accounts and will have to log in to Bright separately for each ID number. If that changes, we’ll be sure to communicate with anyone affected.

Q: I have two licenses and one subscription, how do I choose which one displays on my listings?
A: If you have two licenses on one subscription, only one ID will display at this time. If we were to receive an Accuracy Report, we will be happy to let the reporting member know you are in compliance with our rules and regulations.

Q: The Calibrate checklist tells me to check my email signature, but I do not see MLS Settings under My Account and Settings.
A: Please use this link: to get there. If you need instructions, please read this article on how to update your client information.

Q: How do I search for properties when I can’t log into either system?
A: You can use Homesnap Pro to search the entire MLS and can always contact our Customer Support Department for assistance toll free: 1-844-55-BRIGHT (1-844-552-7444).

Questions for MRIS subscribers

Q: How do I access Matrix?
A: Matrix is known as Search in Bright. If you’ve converted to Bright, you now access Search (again, formerly Matrix) by logging into www.brightmls.comand selecting the Search tab at the top of the page. In Bright, Search is integrated into the system. This allows you to easily move from searching for listings and public records, to entering listings and back again without logging into multiple systems and screens. Please note: If you have the MRIS version of Matrix bookmarked on your computer, that link will no longer work once you’ve converted to Bright.

Q: Where do I enter the “age” of a property on my listing?
A: Bright has the field “year built” instead of age. Enter year built on your listing.

Q: I have an MRIS account and an existing Bright account. I was told that I would just have one, what’s going to happen to everything in the Bright account?
A: In time all accounts will be merged into a single Bright account. As the accounts merge we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you will have access to both.

Q: What is converting from my MRIS system to Bright?
A: After you convert to Bright MLS you will no longer have access to the MRIS system and any information stored will be deleted. Here is a list of what is converting from MRIS and what is not.