Update from Bright MLS: 7 Need-to-Know Rules, Listing Status Changes, DOM and More

Now that you’ve been using Bright as your MLS, you may have noticed some differences that weren’t quite so obvious when you first logged in, especially when you
consider the rules, statuses and available property types. It’s important that you become familiar with these nuances, as well as the new rules and definitions
that impact your listings.

Understanding the new rules and definitions in Bright MLS.

7 Bright MLS Rules to Know One of the important tasks Bright tackled was creating a new set of rules that considered the local needs of the new
expanded footprint. While most of the rules will be familiar since they are consistent with existing MRIS rules, there are few details that we want to highlight
for you.

7 Bright MLS Rules to Know
Which listing status should you use in Bright? While most of the statuses in Bright are similar to your previous MLS, there are some changes
that you will need to get used to. If you’re not sure which status to use, this cheat sheet has you covered.

Status Cheat Sheet
Days on Market: 5 Things you need to know Days on Market (DOM) and Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) represent the number of days a listing has
been actively marketed. There are a few changes to the way DOM and CDOM are calculated in Bright that are different from your previous MLS.

Days on Market: 5 Things you need to know

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