Bright MLS: Legal Subdivision Now Available on Reports and in Listing Search

Based on your feedback, Legal Subdivision is now available on the main search screen. It has also been added to listings, where the information was previously available in MRIS and will autofill from the Bright tax record in Listing Management going forward.

This is a non-editable field which contains information from a listing’s county assessment data (when provided by the county or jurisdiction), and is available for all property types. If no Legal Subdivision exists, the field will remain blank.

Here is what this new information looks like in Listing Management:

Legal Subdivision 01

As part of this update, the Subdivision field has been renamed Subdivision/Neighborhood. This field represents the commonly used name of a neighborhood or subdivision.

Here is what this information looks like now on the main search screen:

Legal Subdivision 02

When searching for a Legal Subdivision, use a wildcard (*) to include Legal Subdivisions that start with or contain your search terms, as shown for this example:

  • The GRNS* – Starts with
  • *Leisure* – Contains

To learn more, watch this video, which shares how to search using the wildcard.

Courtesy of Bright MLS as of January 8th, 2019.