NVAR Standard Forms Changes Effective December 1, 2019; Attend Class on 1/06

You’re invited to learn about updates to NVAR Standard Forms, effective December 1st, 2019, on Monday, January 6, 2020, 10AM-12PM, DAAR, Ashburn.   Changes to the forms are earlier due to the Bright Off MLS policy and POA statute related changes.  Featured speaker Keith Barrett, Esq, Vesta Settlements, will review and answer key questions regarding the changes effective December 1st, 2019:  Free for DAAR Members. Register online.  For more information, view the flyer.

1. Residential Sales Contract – K1321 This form has been modified consistent with revisions to the Virginia Code in the Property Owners Association and Condominium Acts. The Contract specifically allows for buyer delivery of the earnest money deposit by wire transfer. The form has also been modified to remove redundant definitions of Deliver and Possession Date in paragraph 41. The FIRPTA provisions have been substantially modified to more accurately define who is subject to FIRPTA and incorporate the parties’ responsibilities under the statute if FIRPTA does apply. These revisions remove the need for a separate FIRPTA Addendum.

2. Sales Contract for Unimproved Land – K1209 – This form has been substantially modified consistent with recent revisions to the Residential Sales Contract and to update Virginia Code references.

3. Exclusive Right to Sell – K1336, Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement – K1337, Exclusive Right to Sell Unimproved Land – K1355, Exclusive Right to Lease – K1281– These brokerage agreements have been substantially modified to ensure compliance with the new MLS Policies. The “Coming Soon” policy has been incorporated into the brokerage agreement because the only relevant restriction on marketing is the limitations on showings. Leasing and land sales have been excluded from the new policy, but these forms have also been updated to ensure there is no longer any need for a separate Pre-Marketing Addendum. The FIRPTA provisions in these forms have also been updated consistent with the changes to the Residential Sales Contract. The Exclusive Right to Lease Listing Agreement has been updated to remove reference to “opting out” of the VRLTA, since there is no longer any “opt-out” possibility for residential leases.

4. Lease VRLTA – K1354 – This form has been modified to update Virginia Code references and remove any language regarding “opting out” of the VRLTA.
The followings forms have been removed from the Forms Library:

5. K1369 Pre-Marketing (“Coming Soon”) Addendum to Listing Agreement – This form is no longer necessary due to recent changes in MLS Rules and the relevant provisions have been incorporated into the Listing Agreements.

6. FIRPTA Addendum – This form is no longer relevant as all relevant provisions have been incorporated into the Residential Sales Contract.