DAAR Leans Forward in 2020

Last year, we renovated DAAR’s office and meeting spaces so that we can lean forward in 2020. These areas were reconfigured so that we can better serve our members. The value of the renovation costs was rolled into the office lease extension to minimize costs.

What Changed?

  1. The space was optimized to be more collaborative and energy efficient.
  2. Enhanced insulation was added to reduce noise.
  3. The reception area, lounge, and REALTOR® Store were redesigned to be more functional and inviting.
  4. A new private office space was created to allow members to work between appointments.

On behalf of the association, we welcome all REALTOR® and Business Affiliate members to visit your remodeled association offices to see the work that has been accomplished.

For more information, please email the association or call 703-777-2468.