Loudoun County Update – Clerk of Circuit Court Expands Remote Service Offerings

The Loudoun Clerk of Circuit Court announced that it is expanding it’s remote service offerings.

In an effort to reduce citizen visits to the courts complex in Leesburg and promote social distancing as recommended by the Loudoun County health officials, the Clerk of Circuit Court is expanding remote access services to Loudoun residents for the next 30 days and encouraging citizens to delay any appointments for some other services.

Starting March 18, Loudoun County residents will be able to obtain remote access to the Clerk of Circuit Court’s deeds and land records for 30 days at no charge. Loudoun residents can email the Clerk’s land records team at DEPT-CLERKCT-LANDRECORDS@loudoun.gov to inquire and request the necessary digital paperwork to establish a temporary subscription account. Clerk Gary Clemens is waiving the subscription fee. This remote access account will permit residents to access deed, land records, and judgment information from home or a remote location, eliminating the need to visit the Clerk’s Office in Leesburg. Copies of deeds and land records can also be provided by contacting the Historic Records & Deed Research Division in the Clerk’s Office at CLERKS-ARCHIVES@LOUDOUN.GOV or call 703-737-8775.

Clerk Gary M. Clemens is also encouraging residents to delay any probate appointment until April 13 to promote social distancing. Residents who require an appointment with the Clerk for purposes of the probate of an estate or being appointed as an executor of an estate should contact the Probate Office at DEPT-CLERKCT-PROBATE@loudoun.gov to discuss setting an appointment for a future date. The Probate Office is exploring other legal and feasible approaches to offer remote/web-based probate meetings.

The Clerk is also encouraging all clients to pay with credit card online or by phone instead of cash to offer more convenience so individuals do not have to visit the office to pay for services such as filing fees, criminal fines and costs, copies of public records and other services. For specific information regarding online or telephonic payments, please visit the Clerk’s website at www.loudoun.gov/clerk for details.

As more opportunities to offer expanded remote services becomes available, this information will be posted frequently on the Clerk’s website at www.loudoun.gov/clerk. More information regarding Loudoun County’s response to and preparations for coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found at www.loudoun.gov/5307/Coronavirus.

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