Bright MLS Announces Bright Steps

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Bright Steps Offers a Variety of Data, Tools, Tips, and Special Allowances Aimed Toward Keeping the Market Moving During This Challenging Period


Bright is launching some temporary updates as well as the Bright Steps campaign to share updates and information during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


The temporary updates include:


1. Relaxed showings requirements for Active/Active Under Contract listings
2. Updates to Virtual Tours rules, including:
  • Agent remarks can include any links to virtual tours, including branded YouTube videos.
  • Public Remarks will temporarily be able to include unbranded links to showing tours in public remark

1. Allow for a blanket authorization in agent remarks that pictures and video can be taken by buyers’ agents.

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Bright MLS, the leading multiple listing service (MLS) in the Mid-Atlantic US representing 95,000 real estate professionals in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia, today announced Bright Steps, a campaign launched to support Bright MLS subscribers and the clients whom they represent in light of the very serious ramifications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“In addition to the unique threat that the coronavirus represents to our public health, the outbreak also has begun to significantly impact the residential real estate industry,” said Brian Donnellan, President and CEO of Bright MLS.  “With Bright Steps, we want to help keep the market moving by giving our subscribers the tools, information and support that they need during these unprecedented trying times.  We want everyone in and around the industry to know that we’ve got their backs and we’re here to support them.”

Concurrent with the initial onset of COVID-19 to the region, Bright MLS worked with key stakeholders; including its Shareholder Associations, brokers and agents to compile a variety of support measures intended to offer assistance to real estate practioners working to represent their clients and navigate their business.  A full list of Bright Steps resources and guidelines can be found at, including information on the following:

Enhanced Flexibility for Virtual Showings – To provide another showing option for clients and their agents currently uncomfortable with in-person exposure, Bright MLS temporarily will allow for the promotion of virtual/online showings within the public notes of a listing.  Full information is available at

Realtime Market Data Reporting – Bright MLS will leverage its diagnostic resources to produce quickturn data reporting and analysis focusing on market trends, sales activity and status changes in order to provide subscribers with information and timely insights to support their clients’ goals.

Bright Steps Webinar Series – Subscribers will have access to a special webinar series and online Q&A sessions with Bright staff regarding the latest policy alterations and MLS tool/feature usage.  External industry experts also will be featured to discuss best professional practices during the COVID-19 period.

Subscriber Tips and Tools – Bright MLS social platforms and Bright Steps landing page will offer a suite of tips and tools for conducint business in this current environment.  Advice will span topics from staying healthy while serving clients, fully leveraging virtual showings, best use of MLS statuses, and many other topics.

“The role of the MLS always is to support the real estate marketplace in a manner that benefits all consumers, agents and brokers.  Looking back at my career, I can’t think of another time when it was more vital for Bright MLS to live up to this purpose,” said Donnellan.  “Bright Steps is just the beginning of how we are ready to work every day with each of our subscribers to help them make the most of this marketplace.”