Weathering COVID-19: Free Learning and Entertainment Resources

Many free education and entertainment resources have been made available to help people weather the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A list of some of these resources can be found below.

  • This Business Insider article explains how people can audit Yale’s most popular class. It’s about happiness. Learn more.
  • According to, NASA has made their entire media library available. Learn more.
  • Per, a number of musicians are streaming live concerts. Learn more.
  • Urban Farm U is offering free daily gardening lessons for the next 30 days. Learn more.
  • Audible is streaming children’s books for free until schools reopen. Learn more.
  • posted about celebrities conducting children’s book read-alouds on the StoryOnline YouTube channel. Learn more.
  • According to FoxOrlando35, Disney and NASA are providing free online educational resources. Learn more.
  • is providing free coding classes for children while schools are closed. Learn more.
  • wrote an article about Google Earth’s virtual tours of 31 national parks. Learn more.
  • This article is about award-winning children’s book author Mo Willems’ effort to teach children to draw during daily “Lunch Doodles.” Learn more.
  • shared info about farms tours for children of all ages (including one specifically for teens). Learn more.
  • offers visitors nature themed lesson plans. Learn more.
  • posted info about Smithsonian animal cams of elephants, lions and more. Learn more.
  • has info about virtual field trips to Buckingham Palace, the Anne Frank House, the Great Wall of China and Mars, to name a few. Learn more.
  • published an article about 16 card games that double as math drills. Learn more.
  • This article from has information about Color Our Collection, a collection of coloring pages from more than 100 museums. Learn more.
  • Travel & Leisure published this article about virtual tours of 12 museums around the world. Learn more.
  • shared info about the Georgia Aquarium webcams. Learn more.