Health Insurance for Associations UPDATE

You will recall that on Tuesday, May 20, 2020, Governor Northam vetoed our health insurance legislation (HB 795 and SB 235), despite nearly unanimous support of the bills in both the House and the Senate. This means any opportunity to move forward with creating a REALTOR® health insurance plan has stalled for 2020.

This decision took many by surprise as all indications, at that time, were that the bill would pass!! What has come to light is a letter sent by Congress to Governor Northam on April 20, 2020 that makes clear the reason for the final decision.

As it stands, thousands of Realtors in Virginia are still unable to afford health insurance and those that can are often part-time and pay a higher premium than they would on an association health plan and this cannot be right.

DAAR is working with neighboring associations to document our ongoing fight to the Governor to see that this situation is properly resolved. Additionally, you are encouraged to contact your representatives to show your continued support.

Read Congress’ letter to Governor Northam here.