Bright MLS Update: Listing Management

A message from Bright MLS


Since our update yesterday, the technical teams have continued to work to stabilize the Bright systems. While these teams worked to restore service over the last few days, some of the fixes involved the necessary step of moving Listing Management from the Cloud back to physical servers, which came with unavoidable risk. This resulted in some listing changes input by subscribers on Wednesday not saving correctly, or drafts needing to be removed.

The listing agents for these listings were emailed with additional details and next steps. Shareable updates continue to be posted at

We understand that these issues are not acceptable and are doing everything possible to ensure no additional disruption to your members.

While the last few days have come with challenges, we still believe moving the services to the Cloud is the right thing for the company, our network and most of all our subscribers. A Cloud-based infrastructure does not leave the network exposed to things like commercial power outages, weather events that damage property, or anything else that challenges or presents a risk to a physical data center.
We know what needs to be done and will continue to work towards this goal, while maintaining a stable, reliable environment for your members.