2021 International Forum: Republic of the Philippines

2021 International Forum in the Philippines.

  • Learn important cultural aspects that could impact relationships with clients and possibly transactions
  • Discover the financial aspects of purchasing U.S. properties, and what’s needed from a non-U.S. citizen
  • Learn how to work with international clients and the challenges you encounter 
  • Learn about challenges international clients encounters

September 24, 2021
Member Cost: $15
Non-Member Cost: $20

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Meet Your Speaker!

Cristina Sison

Cristina Sison is happiest when she is closing real estate deals, planning programs for the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce D.C., and spending quality time with her family. Comfortable, confident, and sometimes unconventional, Cristina drives results for her clients and herself.

“I am really proud of what I do. Buying a home is the biggest investment a person will make. It’s my privilege to work hard for my clients. To see their joy when they get what they want, it makes me happy too,” says Cristina, “I’ve been doing this for a long time. I often go to extreme lengths to help my clients. One time, after the senior vice president of the bank denied my client their loan, I personally met with the bank’s president. In the end, we got the loan.”

Growing up in the Philippines, Cristina excelled in school and built a strong network with the nation’s political and business influencers. At age 23, she became Director of Corporate Real Estate for a local company, managing over 60 people and responsible for a multi-million dollar sales quota.

“I learned how to be fearless during that time. I traveled extensively, worked hard, and generally loved my life. Then, my marriage fell apart and I suddenly found myself moving to America with my young son to start fresh. It was terrifying,” says Cristina, “But you just have to keep going and trust that it’s going to be ok.”

When faced with adversity, Cristina does what she has always done. She digs in, works hard, and always makes sure to keep smiling. Her positive attitude has propelled her to success as she built a new life in the Washington, DC area. She remarried, had a baby girl, and built one of the country’s most successful real estate businesses.

So far, she has closed more than $300 million in real estate transactions and has been consistently ranked among the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide.“Cristina is amazing. She takes a lot of the stress out of buying properties and handles all her transactions with incredible confidence,” said Michael Williams.

Her record of success in real estate is astonishing and is a source of great pride, but Cristina’s dedication to her local community is equally important to her. She is currently the president of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Metro Washington, D.C. and frequently partners with other Asian American organizations. She is also a member of the Virginia Association of Realtors and was a recipient of its Lifetime Diamond Award for Real Estate.

“I know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, to be a dreamer. I love supporting my fellow Asian Americans in growing their business and realizing their dreams,” she notes with a smile.


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