DAAR Spotlight: 2021 RPAC Major Investors

DAAR wholeheartedly appreciates every single one of our RPAC contributors. Today, there’s one group of investors we’d like to shine a special light upon:  

RPAC Major investors: Lorraine Arora, Rich Blessing, Brad Boland, Beckwith Bolle, Amanda Brewer, Bob Butcher, Oni Casey, Lara Rhoads Ewing, Lisa Jalufka, Lee McGinnis, Shawn Milletary, Gwen Pangel, Nacy Pav, Barry Taylor, Holly Weatherwax, and Greg Wells

DAAR’s RPAC Major Investors have contributed a minimum of $1,000 each (the Sterling “R” level) in 2021, and we are honored to recognize them for their extraordinary commitment to REALTOR® advocacy issues. 

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