Sign Ordinance

Some of the greatest impediments to the real estate industry are land use policies and zoning ordinances. DAAR supports the rights of people to acquire, use, and dispose of private property and believes that Realtors® have the right to advertise properties on the open market.

DAAR Recommendations

Continue to advocate against sign ordinance regulations that restrict private property rights and impede a Realtors®’ ability to successfully market properties.


Realtors® work hard to market properties on behalf of their clients. These homeowners greatly depend on the Realtors®’ expertise in helping sell their home. One of the key tools used to market property to prospective home buyers is the use of temporary open house signs. The placement and number of these temporary signs helps improve the chance of that homeowner being able to sell their property within a reasonable timeframe – especially if that homeowner lives on a large or uniquely configured parcel.


In 2017, Loudoun County staff proposed reducing the number of off-site temporary signs on private property from four (4) to just one (1) sign. DAAR staff met with Board members to express concern about the proposal and its impact.

Our Focus

Advocate for sign ordinances that allow REALTORS® to adequately market client property.