REALTOR® Membership Information

The Dulles Area Association of REALTORS® offers extensive member benefits  to ensure your business success, from continuing education to legislative advocacy.  To join DAAR and take advantage of the many resources and programs offered, there are three membership applications from which to choose:

REALTOR® Member Application This form is for real estate licensees who do not belong to an association or for REALTORS® who are already a member of a local association but would like to receive services as a secondary member. The form requires your broker’s signature and must be emailed , faxed to (703) 771-9787. For details on the annual membership dues structure, download the New Member Dues Schedule.

Transferring REALTOR® Member Application  Are you already a member of a local association but wish to transfer to DAAR?  Please fill out this form which can be emailed or faxed (703) 771-9787. Once we have the form, a DAAR staff member will contact you to set an appointment to complete your transfer and welcome you to your new association.

Affiliate Member Application  Individuals and businesses that want to promote their products and services to DAAR’s REALTOR® members can become Affiliate members of the association. To become an Affiliate member, please email or fax (703.771.9787) this form to DAAR. For more information on the benefits of becoming an affiliate member visit our affiliate page.

New Member Dues Schedule A breakdown of costs to join DAAR as a Primary or Secondary REALTOR® member, including an explanation of lockbox key costs for DAAR members.

To change your personal information, transfer to another office or terminate your membership:

REALTOR® Member Record Change Form  This form is for REALTOR® and Affiliate members who are changing firms, updating addresses, or leaving our association.  Please email or fax (703.771.9787) this form to DAAR to ensure our membership database has your current information.

SentriLock ®  DAAR offers SentriLock® lockbox services, the leading electronic lockbox manufacturer and service provider for the real estate industry that makes showing and selling properties safe and efficient.  As a member, you may purchase your SentriLock® subscription authorizing you for a SentriCard® and the SentriKey™ Real Estate app (formerly SentriSmart™ app) which allows you to manage your Lockbox inventory, view access logs and control your personal settings related to lockbox features and more.   To make an appointment to purchase your subscription, lockboxes and participate in a short training session, please contact Mike Hyatt, Manager, Member Services and Business Development, or Connie Randolph, Membership Services Specialist, or 703/777-2468.  For more information, visit SentriLock FAQs.

For more information, contact Mike Hyatt, Manager, Member Services and Business Development, 703/777-2468 or