Working with Renters Workshop

Do you know how to effectively review the lease with your clients?

Join us quarterly in 2019 for hands-on workshops that will impact the way you work with renters. It is recommended that you attend all four classes as they will build upon each other.  May 20 ~ September 4 ~ November 18

Come sit with an experienced Property Manager, Robin Frank, with Brown-Carrera Realty, LLC/Property Management to gain the knowledge needed working with renters.

The Evolving NVAR LEASE – This May 20th session is a HOW-TO REVIEW WITH CONFIDENCE.

The Common Law Lease is phased out and the NVAR Lease will be the only game in town.  January 2019 the NVAR Lease Agreement was revised with many modifications.

This course is a must for REALTORS® who don’t often work with renters as well as those who wish to gain more confident when reviewing the lease with their clients.

Sign up today as you won’t want to miss out on this hands-on training.  You also might want to attend the Landlord Tenant Law Forums.



Teresa Kirkhart, Director
Professional Development
571-229-6452 (direct)