Phase I Begins – Loudoun County Wants to Know If You’re Renting Out Rooms

Room for Rent SignAre  your clients interested in using their property for short-term rentals? If so, they may need to register with Loudoun County officials.

The 2017 General Assembly passed SB1578, which allows localities to establish a registry of people offering short-term residential rentals and requires them to register annually. The law also includes an exemption from registration for real estate licensees or people represented by a real estate licensee because REALTORS® are already licensed and knowledgeable about real estate issues. Visit to read the new section 15.2-983 in the Virginia Code. The exemption appears in Section B.2.

County Work Plan
On December 4, 2017, Loudoun County launched their plan to create a registration process for homeowners who rent out rooms in Loudoun County. The plan has two phases: 1) registration and taxation; and 2) zoning and public safety. The first step in Phase I is outreach.

The county encourages its residents to complete a survey in order to gather opinions and comments from the community about short-term residential rentals. The county survey falls into a few categories:

  • Your housing situation – i.e. geographic location, ownership, whether you operate or have rented a short-term residential unit, any in your neighborhood;
  • Regulatory interests – should there be a required registration process for short-term residential rentals, should limits be imposed on their operation;
  • Primary concerns about short-term residential rentals; and
  • Familiarity of current taxation structure.

Leaving your contact information is optional. The survey is expected to run through January 4, 2018. Visit and to learn more.

Questions: Contact Brenda Morton, Government Affairs and Communications Manager, at (571) 291-9804 or