Call to Action: Support the Association Health Plan Rule!

Man on laptop checking emailIn an effort to expand access to more affordable, high-quality health insurance coverage, on January 5, 2018, the U.S. Department of Labor proposed a rule allowing self-employed individuals and small employers to purchase health insurance through professional or trade associations by expanding access to Association Health Plans (AHPs). An AHP plan would be treated as a large employer plan under federal law, subject to different rules than plans in the individual and small group insurance markets that tend to be more costly.

NAR supports the proposed rule, which could provide more affordable health insurance options for many REALTORS®. However, there are some important clarifications needed in the rule to maximize participation by self-employed real estate professionals. The final rule could also be subject to legal challenges further delaying finalization.

Support the Association Health Plan Rule

NAR encourages members to write a letter to the Department of Labor in support of the proposed rule. To submit a letter, please visit the Comment function on the Federal Register(link is external).

Comment letters to federal agencies like this are unique, where personalization is useful in informing the agency on how they can improve the proposed rule.

You may write your own comments or personalize this sample letter (.docx, 25 KB) with your letterhead and feedback. The comments can be copied and pasted into the comment form or uploaded as a PDF. The deadline for comments is March 6, 2018.

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