SentriLock Releases Newest Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox

SentriLock has released the newest Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockbox.  The enhancements will improve reliability and durability to the lockbox system.  As of March 12, 2018, only the new version of the SentriLock lockbox will be available for purchase at DAAR for $110.95.

The key enhancements will include:

External Power Port
An external power port makes changing the batteries easier by eliminating the need to use the power paddle. The batteries can be changed with just the new battery kit and the SentriSmart™ Mobile App or SentriCard®.

Weather Resistant
The card slot and hinges have additional coverings that make this box even more weather resistant.

Battery Enhancements
Enhancements to the internal mainboard and time clock create improved battery efficiency. Testing shows that we can expect over 6 years of battery life on 99% of the new boxes, over 7 years of battery life on 95% of these boxes, and over 9 years on 90% of these boxes.

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