MRIS Bright MLS Provides Update on Challenges with System Performance

Last week, DAAR received communications from several members concerning issues submitted to MRIS Bright MLS including system slowness, auto email malfunction, new listing notification lag to clients, Showing Time and contract status inaccuracies, and customer service center response time.  Members who are experiencing challenges receiving resolutions to these and other issues are welcome to communicate those issues via  Challenges relayed will be directly submitted to our MRIS Bright MLS regional representative for support and resolution.

In response to these and other recent issues, the following message was forwarded to all subscribers from MRIS Bright MLS on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018:

As you may have experienced in the last few months, the MRIS system has had overall slowness as well as specific significant incidents of slowness. I know this is not up to the standards that you expect and is not representative of the service we want to deliver.

Through this time, our technical teams have been dedicated to resolving these issues. We’ve increased our monitoring and worked with many of you to better understand these performance concerns.

The MLS is a complex network of interconnected systems, and there are many factors at play that can manifest as slowness. Issues are not usually centered around a single root cause, making it difficult to clearly identify them and hard to guarantee that they are resolved. In some cases, each issue we address reveals another contributing factor that we then set to work on. This has made your experience unacceptable.

However, we’ve recently identified and addressed several key issues, including some just last night. We believe these changes will improve your experience.

We care deeply about the speed and quality of your experience in the MRIS system. We have and will continue to dedicate resources to researching issues, identifying causes and resolving them quickly. We will work tirelessly to do so until we achieve the performance you expect. This is a continuous process, and that makes it difficult to estimate exactly when this will be fully resolved.

Many of you have worked with us to help troubleshoot these issues. Thank you. We want to continue hearing from you. If you experience slowness, please contact our Support Center at 1-844-552-7444. They will work with you to capture specific information to help us identify the factors contributing to your experience.

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding while we work diligently to achieve optimal performance for the entire MRIS community.

Questions?  Contact Christine Windle, CEO, DAAR, or 571-291-9803 (direct) or 703-727-2144 (cell)