Urgent: Essential Tasks Before You Convert to Bright MLS

Now that you, as a DAAR REALTOR member, started the Bright MLS preview, it’s important to log in now to learn the system before you convert on Tuesday, November
20th. There are a variety of resources located on the Bright Power Up Page to help you prepare.


Essential tasks to complete before you convert:

Here is a list of things you should do to become familiar with new features and be better prepared for conversion.

1. Update your saved searches. ​​Bright has some new and different fields to help you easily search for listings. Please review your saved
searches and take advantage of these new or different fields. After you convert, you’ll need to turn these saved searches into auto emails to send listings
directly to clients. To view your saved searches, click Search in the menu and then click Saved Searches.

2. See what is and isn’t converting. Some of the things you created and saved in your previous MLS, such as your carts, will not be
converted into the new system.

Gather any important information now

3. Search for and find your listings. Practice performing searches in Bright and confirm that the converted listing information is accurate
and complete. Then, practice searching for comps and creating a CMA.

Watch this video to learn about some of the different ways to search listings in Bright.

4. Practice entering a listing. Bright Listing Management is different than what you’ve been using. Practice entering a Residential listing
as many times as you like in your Preview Phase.

Watch this video to learn how to enter a listing.

5. Get familiar with status and rule changes. There are some changes to the rules, statuses and available property types that will affect
your listings.

Become familiar with these nuances now

6. Update your client facing information. This information will be visible to your clients as soon as you power up on Bright:

  • Client Portal Header: Appears on the top of your Client Portal
  • Photo: Appears in the MLS directory as well as on your Client Portal Header
  • Email Signature: Appears in email you send from Bright, including Auto Emails

Learn how to customize this information here

7. Prepare your clients. There are changes to the way your clients will be receiving their listings. Teach your clients to use the new
Client Portal, where they can access listings and other information you send them from Bright MLS.

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video with your clients.

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Register NOW for Conversion Training at DAAR on November 15th, 19th or 20th from 10AM-4PM.

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Bright’s Support Center is available to answer any questions 7 days a week: 1-844-55-BRIGHTDue to a higher volume of calls during the conversion, we are experiencing longer wait times. Check out the

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