Known Issues and Tips for Using Bright MLS

A message from Bright MLS on December 6th, 2018:

With a major system conversion like this, there will be continued work in some areas to finalize information and ensure everything is working as expected. Please know that we are actively working to resolve the following items in Bright. In the meantime, we’ve provided some tips to help you work in Bright MLS.

Listing information, city and subdivision names

Multiple spellings of city and subdivision names. Because information in the subdivision field was manually entered by MRIS subscribers, we are seeing some inconsistencies in how cities and subdivision options are spelled within the system. For example, there maybe a “Fallsgrove” and “Falls Grove”, Maryland. While we work to make this information uniform, please choose all applicable names when searching for listings. You can also use the wildcard or map search.

Off-market listing and buyer financing data currently unavailable for older listings. 

  • Off-market TREND and MRIS listings older than 2004 are currently unavailable for the Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland areas. We are currently in the process of adding these to the system.
  • Photos for MRIS listings prior to 2011 are currently unavailable in Bright. We are working diligently to backfill this data on a regular basis.

Some Sale/Owner Records are slow to appear in Bright. Sales that have occurred for properties in Maryland are slower to appear in Bright than they did in MRIS. This affects mostly Sale/Owner transfers that have occurred in recent months. We are currently working to address this issue.

Search and reports

  • Fixed (11.12.18): Appraiser Parcel One Page Report. MRIS subscribers have suggested the need for some reports that they previously used in their MLS. Specifically, MRIS appraisers have requested the addition of the Appraiser Parcel One Page Report, which was added to Bright in mid-November. Additional report suggestions have been noted and will be considered as part of the general enhancements to the system.
  • License information not showing on listings. License information is not showing on listings. However, you can see all of the licenses an agent has by clicking on the agent’s name.
  • We will also be adding other county and association-specific reports from the TREND footprint in early 2019.


MLS numbers become distorted when choosing the Print to PDF option in Bright Search. In some cases, MLS numbers are becoming distorted when choosing the Print to PDF option on a listing. Subscribers can use the standard Print option as a workaround until this is corrected.

TREND Statistical data and reports

  • Report Added (12.04.18): Market Performance Report. We have added the Market Performance Report functionality to Bright. The Market Performance Report was a popular report  in TREND and now all subscribers will be able to create this report for their clients starting on December 4, 2018. However, the Market Performance Report does not currently show email activity break down and agents are not able to search by subdivision. These update are scheduled to be made by the end of 2018.
  • Planned for Early 2019: Listing Performance Report.  TREND’s Listing Performance Reports are not yet available in Bright. We are working to add this report functionality to Bright in early 2019.
  • Market statistics. Subscribers are currently unable to search by subdivision.

Some additional tips for using Bright MLS:

Account and Settings

Are you unable to access MLS settings through Account and Settings during your preview? If you’re  a new subscriber in your preview phase, you can still access the MLS setting link by clicking here.

Saved Searches

Can’t find your Saved Searches in your Dashboard? In Bright, Saved Searches can be found by selecting the Search tab. You’ll then see the Saved Searches link in the far right column under More Searches.

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