Bright MLS: Release Notes and System Updates as of 2/26

Recently Bright MLS provided the following update on release notes and a variety of updates with the system:

Release Notes – As of 2/26/19

Listing alerts now are displayed on your dashboard.

Alerts have been added to your Bright dashboard that will remind you when your listings are about to close, are past their closing date, or are about to expire. These alerts make it easier for you to track and quickly update important dates and information. Learn more about this change here.

Dashboard Alerts

You can now enter an alphanumeric Unit Number when performing a Tax Record search in Listing Management.

Previously, Unit Number was a numeric field that did not allow you to enter alphabetic characters when searching for a Tax Record in Listing Management. We have updated this field so you can now enter letters in addition to numbers. For example: 24B

When entering a Land listing, Heating Type and Heating Fuel no longer autofill from the Tax Record.

Land listings previously had Heating Type and Heating Fuel autofill from the Tax Record. Since the Heating Type and Heating Fuel fields are not applicable to Land listings, this information no longer autopopulates. Past Land listings have had Heating Type and Heating Fuel information removed.

Lot Size Dimensions and Land Use Code now autofill from the Tax Record.

If available in a property’s Tax Record, the following fields are now autopopulated on new listings in Listing Management:

  • Land Use Code
  • Lot Size Dimensions: Lot Frontage (Length) and Lot Depth (Width) are now displayed in the Lot Size Dimensions field, separated by an “x.” For example: 100.00 x 150.00

Lot Size Dimensions

Past-Due Invoice Popup and Alert.

A dashboard alert as well as a popup will now display when you have an invoice that is 40 days or more past due to remind you to pay your invoice. The popup and alert links you directly into Account & Settings to pay your subscription fees.

Please note: Bright Account & Settings is not fully responsive on mobile devices, so it is best to use Account & Settings at this time on your computer or to hold your device in landscape mode.

For information on past system releases, click here.

System Updates and Changes

New Requested Changes and Known Issues List Keeps Track of System Improvements

As recently announced, Bright MLS’s Requested Changes and Known Issues article provides a list of items that are being considered or made in the Bright system. This list is being updated as changes are made and the date is being updated.

Here are the recent changes made:

  • Historical listings and media: The importing of historical listing data and the associated media back to 1990 from the TREND and MRIS systems completed early this week. Some listings have not been loaded due to errors. We’ll continue to work through those errors and add those listings to Bright.
  • We made changes to correct history, which was creating some issues with DOM/CDOM accumulating in the Coming Soon status, as well as all previously entered listings that were affected. View the recent and upcoming changes to DOM/CDOM here.

Other updates include:

  • Street Directional Prefix now displays/exports correctly on Mailing Labels
  • When looking at an individual office from the Agent or Office Directory of Search page, you are now able to sort the agents listed on the Our Agents Search page by First Name, Last Name or any of the column headers.
  • Fixes to the financial calculators:
    • Credits now display correctly when emailing a Seller Net Sheet report.
    • When selecting the municipality of Tredyffrin Township, the transfer tax on both the Buyer Closing Costs and Seller Net Sheet now show correctly as 1.25.
    • When loading a Buyer Closing Costs with a dollar amount for a down payment, the Buyer Closing Costs now loads correctly.
    • When doing a Buyer Closing Costs, the FHA loan limit is 6%. You can now choose 6% as an option with FHA.

View the complete list of updates here.

Public Records for counties in the previous MRIS market

Bright is in the process of switching out the Owner and Sale information in Bright Public Records with information that was previously available in MRIS from the counties. This will alleviate some of the issues with incorrect or missing Public Records information for subscribers who previously used MRIS.

In addition, they are beginning a full Public Records audit. They’ll share additional information about what that audit finds and any issues the team will work to address in the coming weeks.

YouTube LIVE events offer advanced training opportunities

Bright’s training team offers live, in-depth training on the MLS system every week through our YouTube channel. Take advantage of these training options. No registration is required and they can watch from any phone, tablet or computer.

Some of the topics for March include:

  • Commercial Broker or Manager training
  • Prospecting leads
  • Adding a listing for maximum exposure

View and share the complete March schedule here.

Project started to simplify DOM and CDOM

Bright is in the process of conducting an internal review of the Days on Market (DOM) and Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) rules in Bright. The goal of this review is to simplify the rules surrounding DOM and CDOM. Once the internal review is complete, we plan to ask a group of influential agents across the Bright footprint for feedback on the proposed changes. As there really is no industry standard for these calculations, we will ask an industry group (NAR or CMLS) to view our proposed changes prior to announcing them to all subscribers.

More information on this project and our proposed changes to DOM and CDOM will be provided as we work through this process.

For more information, visit Bright MLS news or visit DAAR’s Bright MLS Resource Page.