Effort to Track Changes and Improvements within Bright MLS Moves Forward

Bright MLS Update LogoAs previously reported, to expedite communication and advocate for solutions to growing challenges with the system, DAAR, NVAR and PWAR are now working together as part of a joint work group to help advocate improvements. Two videos from the CEOs and Presidents were produced raising awareness about the importance of this issue and efforts to work together. The joint DAAR, NVAR and PWAR work group then met on Wednesday, February 27th and reviewed a newly Bright MLS Requested Changes and Known Issues document by Bright MLS to help track changes and improvements to date. The group also discussed a timeframe for additional issues and will meet again within a sub-work group structure in early April to discuss progress on the issues that came up during that meeting.

In the meantime, you can track progress on each and every issue that will be addressed within the system within the Bright MLS Requested Changes and Known Issues. Please help us expedite that progress by taking time to submit data, technical, functional, structural and performance aspects of the system to DAAR via this form. The information gathered is used to directly advocate for changes to add to that list with Bright MLS leadership.

As always, please continue to reach out to either me at president@dullesarea.com or Christine Windle, CEO, DAAR, at cwindle@dullesarea.com or 571-291-9803 (direct) if you have any thoughts or concerns to share. We will continue to communicate with you via DAAR’s weekly news, dedicated Bright MLS page, social media and via the DAAR Ambassadors on progress moving forward with Bright.