DAAR Announces SentriConnect™ and One Day Codes

One of the many benefits of the SentriLock® lockbox for listing agents is the ability to provide temporary access to appraisers and contractors to a property.   We are pleased to announce that this access is now available for DAAR REALTOR® members.

Listing agents can use the SentriSmart® mobile app to grant temporary lockbox access with SentriConnect™ to bluetooth lockboxes using firmware version 50.44 and above.  This access is secure and trackable and can be provided to contractors and out of area agents.  The person granted temporary access will receive an invitation to install the SentriConnect™ mobile app to access the property for a specified period of time.  Please review the video below How to Create a SentriConnect Account for details. The listing agent will receive instant notifications when that person opens the lockbox.  The temporary access can be changed or revoked which gives the listing agent more control of the property.  It allows the listing agent to know who has accessed a property, the time that it happened and for how long.

The SentriSmart® app can also be used to generate a One Day Code for temporary access (120 minutes entry access per house) to the NXT (non-bluetooth) lockboxes  as outlined in the second video Creating, Sending and Using One Day Codes. 

IMPORTANT! Please note that per the Regional Rules and Regulations for the SentriLock Lockbox System the following rules apply to One Day Showing Codes and SentriConnect:

Page 3: m. One Day Showing Codes: These codes are to be disclosed or given ONLY to an agent, a broker or inspector or contractor. Before issuing a code to an agent or broker you must:
1. Obtain the agent’s name, phone number and company name and number
2. Confirm that the agent is in fact a licensed agent with the company before leaving the code in the agent’s mailbox or with his/her office. You can do this by contacting DPOR at the following address:
3. You are hereby advised not to leave a code if you are unable to verify the agent’s status.

Page 3-4: n. One Day Showing Codes for Contractors These codes are intended to offer convenience to Users, however, a User should, when possible, be present when non-SentriCard Holder contractors access the property. These codes are to be disclosed or given ONLY to a contractor after written approval from the seller. Before issuing a code to a contractor you must:
a. Ensure that it is only to be used for work activities such as home inspections; radon testing (including drop-off and pick-up of radon equipment); termite inspections; repairmen in vacant properties, and appraisers without a SentriCard.
b. In the event the property is occupied you must coordinate with the owner or the tenant in advance.
c. Ensure that the contractor you are providing the code for is one that you know and are familiar with and has been approved by the seller.
d. In the event a cooperating agent is a non-SentriCard holder and requests access to the property for a contractor pursuant to the contract, the cooperating agent must obtain permission from the Seller.
o. SentriSmart™ Mobile App: The SentriSmart™ Mobile App generates access codes. Such access codes can only be used by Holder in accordance with the rules applicable to the use by Holder of a SentriCard and for purposes otherwise permitted under these rules
p. To follow all additional security procedures as specified by the Association, from time to time amended.

For more information please contact Beth Fischel, bfischel@dullesarea.com, Connie Randolph, crandolph@dullesarea.com, at 703-777-2468,  SentriLock at 1-866-736-2322 or visit SentriSmart Resource.