Marketing Mastery! February 22, 2018

Marketing Mastery!
Marketing & Communications Conference

 February 22th

Sessions to help you master marketing focus on building your brand, targeting through Facebook ads, master your relationships and win at farming your real estate:

Building a Brand: Understanding What it Takes to Develop and Attract Business!
Steve Jobs:  “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

How much thought have you put into your brand?  Do you have a brand?  Without a brand, you are a commodity.  Join us for a discussion on branding where we will cover:  What is brand?  Who is your brand targeting?  What is your brand mission and do you have a brand strategy?  Are you chasing business or attracting business?  How can you use brand to strengthen your profile, presence and reputation to become the agent who consistently gets the listing?

Become a Facebook Ads Ninja!:  Do you know when and how to boost a post?  Or how to use ads manager?  Learn the kinds of ads that work for REALTORS,  how to make simple graphics, how to write irresistible copy, and get warm leads by using ads to bring new clients and more closings?

Master Relationship Marketing!: We explore raving fans and how to win at creating referrals with tools and techniques to persuade, connect and deepen relationships.  Attendees will be aware of opportunities to strengthen brand identity and create the “WOW” in their business.

How to WIN at Farming Your Real Estate!: Attend a class that will help you gain exposure offline and online in any real estate subdivision. Many agents farm subdivisions, but fail or have limited success. Why? They don’t incorporate the right strategies and lack consistency. There are many ways to create interest, expand your brand, and create listings in your farm. In this class we will cover:

  1. Targeted Data-how to break down your farm to market specific people who have a likely need to sell.
  2. Outbound Marketing-What postcards to send and HOW to get people off the postcard and to a landing page. Know who opens your mail from your farm! 
  3. Video Marketing strategy- what videos to create and how to drive your farm to a YouTube channel and get them to subscribe! Video gives you the opportunity to shake your potential client’s hand.
  4. Social Media Strategy-Facebook Ads, Business Page, and getting your farm to “Like” and how to become the “go-to” person in the neighborhood
  5. Online marketing-What content needs to be on your website and how to rank in Google for Subdivision searches. Next door-Why you should be on this FREE website for your farm and how it works.
  6. Face to Face events-Market update seminars, neighborhood events and more to drive your farm to face to face events that allow you to be perceived as the expert and expand the relationship. 

Learning HOW to implement these marketing strategies will allow you to WIN at farming any subdivision and gain listings/buyers!

Registration fee of $20 Members / $30 Nonmembers includes materials and lunch.

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