Obtain Answers and Insight in the Bright MLS Community Facebook Group

Bright MLS Community Facebook Page ScreenshotBright MLS recently launched a closed Facebook group for the Bright MLS community, created and moderated by expert Bright MLS staff.  Bright MLS subscribers can join by clicking here and providing their subscriber ID https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrightMLSCommunity

The description reads:

Think of this group as a two-way platform where Bright can share with you, and you with them. A central place for Bright subscribers to exchange tips and tricks, provide and receive help, and give constructive feedback to Bright.

The group rules are simple:

Respect everyone.

Debate is good, attacks are not. Personal attacks are unacceptable and will be deleted. There’s a saying that works well in community group discussions (and life in general): Challenge the idea, not the person.
We’re all professionals, really with a common goal: to provide our clients with great service and take our business to where we need it to be.

This group will have members from different locations, with different levels of real estate experience and success.
Bright is here to communicate with you, listen to you, provide assistance, get your feedback.
Please enjoy the group, together we can make this a great place to learn, share, and help each other.

Admins reserve the right to close comments on threads, and delete comments or posts that violate group rules. Posts and comments will not be “censored” in any way, as long as they are respectful and follow group guidelines. Admins may close comments on off-topic or repetitive discussions, or close and redirect duplicate topic posts.

To report an issue with Bright MLS to DAAR or to access resources pertaining to the system, visit the DAAR Bright MLS Resource Page or visit www.brightmls.com