Realtor Recharge Conference & Expo – Instructor Info

October 25, 2018




  • Read, sign and return Speaker Guidelines & Responsibilities  (send to Teresa Kirkhart) due: April 1st
  • Provide an electronic copy (10 pages max) of your session PPT on DAAR’s Template (template will be provided later)  due:  August 15th
  • Verify audiovisual requirements
    • White board
    • Audio
    • Internet
  • Catchy title for presentation  due: April 1st
  • Brief session description for marketing  due:   April 1st
  • Provide a short biography to serve as your introduction due:  April 1st
  • Provide a color photo for promotional use in one or more of the following formats due:  April 1st:
    • .tif (high resolution) file
    • .jpg (high resolution) file (preferred)
    • 3X5 Color photo